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The pros and cons of the profession of a doctor for children are also often found in the practice of such specialists. Complicated diseases of babies are especially acutely perceived by doctors. A dull look that should glow, pale cheeks that should be pink, a sad expression unusual for children, leave no medical heart indifferent. That is why the main focus in pediatrics is the prevention of diseases.

The profession of a dentist is no less important and necessary. Sooner or later, everyone has dental problems. Constant prophylaxis is also needed. In children, this is the formation of the correct bite, the alignment of the row of teeth, the prevention of caries. In adults, problems are more serious, for example, dental installation after an accident, implantation, gum surgery, and so on. As well as attending physicians, dentists are also divided into several specializations: surgeons, therapists, orthodontists, orthopedists, periodontists.